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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 7, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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county but for how much longer? tonight, the call to demolish it it. good evening. it's thursday, february 7th. tha news at 7. >> tonight, the intention man hunt is underway for a former los angeles police officer named christopher dorter. he left 3 people dead, including a police officer, all motivated by revenge. >> here's the latest clues. a man hunt for a former la police officer now intensifies across southern california. they found the vehicle on fire near big bear ski area. >> still there's no signs of the suspect.
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>> certainly he would be anywhere at this point and that's why we searching door to door. >> the nearby ski reports closed, are and crime scenes cross southern california, detectives say he is targeting law enforcement in the region, their families and citizen who is might try to help. >> he is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> he knows what he's doing. he was also a member of the arm the forces. >> police say he's expected in the killings of an assistant basketball coach, monica kwan and responsible for the shooting of 3 police officers. >> a vehicle pulled up next to them and the driver of that vehicle fired ultimate walrounds from a rifle. >> even above the mountains, the search now extends to nevada, arizona, and mexico. >> police hope he'll just turn himself? >> this has gone far enough.
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nobody else needs to die. >> as the search continues, the second crime scene in riverside, the entire state of california is on a tax cal alert and a navy base is on lock down. he had a hotel there as late as wednesday. adam housle yeshgs. >> more details from this man hunt. >> the officers mistakenly shot two women2 women delivers papers. >> police call it a case of mistaken identity. >> he was fire from the los angeles police department back in 2008 for making false statements. >> in a lacy manifest o, we found on his facebook page, he names former la police chief, now a consultant. bratten and courter opposed if are this photo, but he says he doesn't remember the former officer. >> i don't recall him. as distinctive as he looks, and
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i don't recall the specific set of circumstances for which i fired him. >> he sent him a coin given by bratton to cnn news center. it had 3 bullet holes in it along with a note that read thanks but no thanks. >> they issued a blue alert for dorner. the blue alert is subject to an amber alert. this is the third such alert since the system sufficiency established 2 years ago. go to ktv are under the la man hunt tab -- ktvu. >> we are following a police brutality. our news chopper brought up this picture. the group of dozen people have been peaceful to the police
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substation at 17th and valencia. >> demonstrators are up. he was sited for resisting arrest. >> there's people were shot and wounded in a home invasion robbery. a woman and her 2 adult children were asleep on mack dougal avenue about 3:30 when 2 men kicked the door in. police say they shot the woman, and her daughter. injuries are not life threatening. this robbery appears to be random. another family member who was at work, showed us the damage. >> they were all carrying guns and basically the intention was to kill everybody in the family. they didn't take nothing. they didn't want no witnesses. >> at this point, there are only vague descriptions of the intruders who remain on the introduce. after an unusually dry
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january, we finally had some wet weather pass through the area today. we took these pictures in china town, just a light drizzle, but enough to bring out the rain coat and umbrellas. we may see more rain before the night is out. that's right. the rain showers have been developing this evening twochlt weeks of dry weather -- 2 weeks of dry weather coming to an end today. nothing too impressed. you can see about a hundredth of an inch toward livermore, san jose, 2 hundreds of an inch. >> as you can see, on live storm tracker 2, some more activity and coverage developing. we'll begin up toward the north bay, the darker shades mean some accumulation for us. >> rainfall rate do pick up around daily city. >> moving parallel to the cost
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line right around half moon bay. >> the chance of a few thunderstorms, coming up for part of your friday, it will be dry and changes for your weekend. happening now, san jose mayor was set to begin his speech just about 5 minutes ago. he's expected to pitch his sales tax increase to fund raises to city employees after years of frozen wages. ktv's reporter is inside of the she'll have a live report on the 10:00 news. now to costa, county, where a person escaped. >> the smoke was vis able from downtown brent wood -- visible, from did the brent wood. investigators are looking into the cause. it appears accidental. >> fire guts a home in san
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jose. the 1 alarm fire started about 1:30 this morning. it appears to have started in the kitchen. neighbors tell us renters moved out and the home owners were in the process of remodeling. san francisco transportation officials said an alarm failed. it came to a jolting stop near washington and powell. >> several more were hurt along with the brake man and grip man. >> officials were on the site examining. >> it struck a bolt and became lodged in the track. sensors are supposed to warn operators in time to shut down the line. incident yesterday wasn't picked up by the sensors because of the bolt was jammed above where the sensors are. mta says it's stepping up inspections of the cable car system. now to the east bay where
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an alleged identity thief is behind beers and the victim speaking out. >> this man swiped more than 40 w, 2 tax forms. the arrest was part of a nation wide sting who steal w 2 ons or to open fraudulent credit card accounts. some of the victims live in walnut creek. police notified them of an arrest. >> they let them know a few weeks ago, and in there gentleman's bag were over 40 w twos. >> and other area target side san francisco, and san pablo. >> its video cameras will be allowed into a hearing as barry bonds fights his conviction for obstruction of justice. >> he gave know evasive answer
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investigating an alleged steroid use. >> they'll hear his appeal in san francisco. judges were appointed by 3 different democratics. this is video of davis plague at san jose -- playing in 20016 when he gained 1,000 yards. before that, he was an oakland prep star. they arrested him 2 years ago with 67 pounds of ex-cities ecstasy. >> that second officer was eliminated last year due to budget cuts. the combined high school and middle school has the largest student body in the district, more than 2,000 students. >> the additional officers starts february 25th.
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the sound of rapid fire gunshots here in the bay areament. how it may help usher in -- area. how it may up usher in gun laws. question is, is it worth $5 million? >> and 2 of the largest airlines may become 1, the deal that would create a new industry giant. ♪ yeeeowwww!
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this morning, the priyear breakfast in washington d.c. -- and vice president joe biden, says he hopes the bipartisan spirit of the gathering will last through the
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year. also in washington, code pink protestors interrupted the hearing of the cia director. >> would you hold, police? we'll ask the police to please remove this woman. >> after several -- d disruptions, this woman was asked to leave. democratic law makers unveiled the long list of gun control bills. >> republicans called it grand handing. >> it is typical to see high powered weapons piirched and on display. >> here's what a high powered magazine sounds like on a city
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street at night. >> i live a mile away from that intersection. >> bay area police chief and mayors of los angeles and san francisco join democratic law makers as that you a nowed the new proposed -- announced the new proposed gun laws. >> now is time to close the loop rolls in the education related to the gun and gun ownership. >> among the 10 pieces of legislation, a ban on detachable rifle clips, a, and requiring background checks on ammunition sales. >> a way that we see something fashion able and we all want to get on board. >> democrats are grandstanding. democrats say they want california to have the toughest laws in the nation. >> the problem is we really need to ask congress to act. >> democrats say they want these gun bills to move through the process quickly.
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republicans think some of these bills will have a hard time making it past the governor, much less the court. us customs agents announceded they prevented the -- announced they found 23 rounds of ammunition of 3 vehicles headed to mongolia. he was likely not transporting them for a crime. officials confiscated the victims and ammunition with a total of $45,000. >> new at 7, the city of pleasant hill, considering a plant to demolish 1 of the signature structures, the arts dome. >> when the very few art houses, with the demolition plan and what would replace it. less than a mile away from
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city hall, a plan to rid the shopping center for good. >> the certainty is pack. >> what are you what -- center is packed. >> what are you watch something. >> we're coming to see quartet. it's certainly isn't playing at the large theater complexes. >> and despite what's on the screen today, it may be dark in the near future. at city hall, commissioner sat down tonight with the developers who plan to demolish the theater and build retail space. dik's sportck's sporting goods is suspected to come. >> they do a lot of films with
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subtitles. the ones that do like it, we would miss it if if weren't here. >> another person frustrated with the proposed project, owner of the loaded hog saloon. >> he'll have to bid fare well to his business. >> it's still underway and this project is still under review. >> they're not concerned about what we're generating or our jobs or families. it's business, and if the big dog wants to come in, big dog wins. >> as for the community support. >> people don't pick outside like they used to 20 years ago. >> they do create facebook pages, on this link to a petition with more than 1,000 signatures. >> they do not want to go on camera today, because there will not are a decision on this project tonight. reporting i live, ktvu news. the largest airline in the
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world could be finalized by next week. >> american airlines and u.s. airways are harshing out -- ha sshgs hashing out the details of a deal to end next week. the dow lost by 42 points. the s, and m down by 2. >> linked in are up nearly 10% after hours following earnings that soured past expectations. >> linked in earned $5.11 million. revenue rose by 81%. the company boosted its outlook. all classes scheduled before 4 this afternoon at 3 buildings, the art building, the performing arts center and parts of the physical education complex of the school officials
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say a back ho operator hit an electrical line. the bay area authority toll has marked the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. our consumer editor, tom baker tells us how much this will cost. >> come labor day, pedestrian will be able to get on the news spin for a 1 way, 2-hour, 5-mile san francisco walk, returning by bart, 5 and a half million dollar budget. >> buses, barricades, bathrooms and body. >> emts, the volunteers that are needed, 15,000 people per hour for about 200,000 in all will allow walkers a safe, not packed in like sardines environment. >> it will be a timed event and folks will have to register online or through some other means. >> public opinions vary. >> i'd like to get up there. i'd certainly go for a lottery
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ticket if it was out there. >> yes i do agree with that. >> why? >> exactly for the same thing. it's good to see what's being dr the community. >> it's way too much money. it's not an area we need to spend our money. people are out of work. >> other events such as a planned cycling crossing, and a fireworks spectacular bay wide. >> that's in the private sector's purview and public funds won't be use. >> when golden gate officials expected 50,000 walkers, 800,000 showed up. >> how do get 200,000 other people out there hasn't gun and there's only 6 months left. >> we'll keep you informed. a mix of celebrities and golf process took to the links today in the -- pros took to the
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pebble beach tournament. >> bill murry and green bay packers aaron rogers were also there. at the end of the first day, american hunter may ham and brit know's hustle knox shared the lead at 6 under par. >> it might be the nation's biggest winter storm of the season. coming up, what's ahead of the storm's arrive and how it's already affecting bay area flights. here's the set of flo but more rain is moving in at this -- showers, but more rain is moving in. >> more on where it's coming down, next. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good.
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. the northeastern united states is getting ready for a major blizzard set to hit tomorrow. boston trucks loaded up sand today. forecasters expect the nor'easter will bring up to 2 feet of snow. flights have been canceled, including 29 flights in and out of san francisco international. >> here at home, we're also seeing rain? yeah, rain showers. we had the first move through this morning, now the second one through parts of the bay area. and even a new thunderstorms possible in the short perm. right now on my storm tracker 2, this is the loop over the past 2 hours, you can see the activity moving on shore first up in the north bay.
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in fact, we'll come up tighter closer to nevado. right around 37 we have some down powers. out towards the sears point region. we'll move the map toward san francisco and east bay closer to the bay bridge itself. and out toward oakland, and the berkeley region. >> look at this, out towards the san mateo. can see the increase -- you can see the increase, approaching 15 hundredths of an inch an hour. >> so far we'll hold on to the possibility of some thunderstorms. still that chance starting out today in the 30s and 40s. santa rowses, 35 degrees. the cold front -- santa rosa. generating the light rain showers, round that is set for tonight. >> tonight, cold showers, snow levels down to about 2,800 feet, tomorrow, this moves out to the east. we're going to hold on the to
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chance of some lingering showers first thing friday morning. >> this will be a snow producer in fact, it already is. a winter weather advisory in place until 10:00 tomorrow morning. >> here's our forecast model into the overnight hours for your friday are holding on to still some scattered showers, at least a fairly good chance first thing tomorrow morning for the commute. >> the cold air remains in place and the winds do pick up through the weekend, gusting 20 to 30 miles an hourly maybe. >> here's a look ahead, cool and windy for your weekend, temperatures begin to recover by monday of next week. >> thank you, mark. today, it was time for california to pay up on their super bowl bet. senators diane feinstein
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delivered a feast to mark the baltimore victory over the 49ers. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tmz is up next right here on tv 36. there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store.
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